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LeanOn's Value Assessment service is a three step process that starts with either a comprehensive review of a client's complete value chain or a targeted area within the value chain and ends with a follow-up audit to ensure sustainment plans are in place and effective.  At the end of the first two steps, a decision "gate" occurs prior to proceeding further.

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Step 3:  Conduct  – After a certain amount of time has passed, conduct a follow-up audit to ensure sustainment plans are in place and effective.                         

Are you a CEO, COO, CFO, CTO, ENG, Marketing, Sales, HR or Quality Executive?

Are you having trouble with an under performing core, enabling or management business process?

Do you want an independent expert to assess it and then improve it by at least 10%?

Yes, the ROI is THAT good - we can assess, improve and guarantee quickly because we have "been there, done that."

Step 1:  Quantify  – Assess Business Performance at a deeper level to identify areas of improvement and quantify the opportunity in an Opportunity Assessment report

Proven Results
42% Increase in Productivity w/ Focus through LeanOn's Project Linkage Framework8 of 10 People coached report Promotions or Increased Effectiveness within 1 year
x,xxx examples of Root-Cause Problem-Solving eliminating Chronic Quality Issues32% Increase in Sales Force Productivity by Eliminating NVA Activities
20 Point Increase in New Product Sales by LeanOn's Upfront Systematic Capture of VOC30% Reduction in TTM w/ LeanOn's Stream-Lined New Product Dev approach
67% Increase in Supplier Quality w/ LeanOn's Supplier Management Program70% Manufacturing Lead-Time Improvement by Eliminating NVA Activities
35% Impr in Service Levels & On-Time Del by properly Tuning ERP Plnng ParametersIncreased Adoption Rates for Project Mgmt / PLM Solns through LeanOn Facilitation

Business Process Optimization

Step 2:  Execute / Validate  – Work with business team to execute performance improvement plan and validate the business results to ensure linkage to the bottom-line.             

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