Day 3:  SMART Goals and Talent

How do you focus on the wildly important / SMART Goals day-after-day?  How are people held accountable to delivering results?  What is the leadership pipeline for key positions?

Identify the targeted key leadership competencies needed to get you from here to there.

Identify the Opportunity

What a way to start 2016 by investing in you and your career!

LeanOn's Leadership Development is a 2-3 Day Workshop for the Organizational, Business Unit or Functional Leadership Team that focuses on Trust, Mission / Vision, Executing on the Wildly Important and Talent Optimization. 

Establish customized strategy to get you from here to here. Meet monthly to work the strategy and close the gap to mastery.

LeanOn's Customized Individual Consulting Program equips you, the business leader, with critical leadership competencies that will eliminate barriers to your advancement; strategically open doors for new opportunities; and / or support you in magnifying your effectiveness in your current leadership role.

​​​Business Process Optimization
Individual Consulting & Leadership Development Quality & Training Programs​

  Close The Gap  

Day 1:  Trust

Trust is at the heart of all organizations.  Without it, there's higher costs and time in doing business.  With it, an asset has been created with lower costs and easier execution.

LeanOn's Individual Consulting and Leadership Development Offerings  

Day 2:  Purpose and Alignment

Why does your organization, business unit and / or function exist?  Why do customers (internal / external) hire you?  How are you aligned to ensure your purpose is achieved?

Demonstrated Mastery of the key leadership skill closing the gap from here to there.

Establish Customized Strategy

Individual Consulting and Leadership Development  

> Fast, Effective Bottom-Line Improvement

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