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"I had heard about Kathy’s experience in organizational restructuring and change management from colleagues and during a recent acquisition, I decided to give LeanOn a chance.  Kathy worked with me to understand my human capital goals for the transition, established a plan as to how to accomplish those expectations and as a result, we could not have successfully completed the transition without her.  Kathy was excellent at anticipating the needs of the employees and understood the importance of communication during the transition time.  Understanding that it is people that make the organization and putting their needs in the forefront were critical and Kathy not only stayed true to this mindset, but effectively helped set the tone for the years to come.  I highly recommend Kathy and LeanOn for any organization looking to acquire and / or merge two businesses together".

–-Chris Dandrow, CEO Avec Inc.

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At LeanOn, we are committed to helping business leaders improve their bottom-line performance.  In today's environment leaders cannot afford to give up their top talent to lead a critical initiative nor do leaders have time to explain the job to be done to a third party who's not been there, done that.  LeanOn offers C-level leadership with rolled up sleeves who's been solving high impact problems for over 20 years as an executive and as a business consultant.

If you find your product development cycle takes too long or isn't what the market ordered; your sales force is over burdened with administrative efforts or not aligned with targeted market initiatives; your quote cycle takes too long or your hit rate has decreased; see our testimonials on how we helped other business leaders solve these problems.

"I had the opportunity to attend one of Kathy's 5-Day Six Sigma Workshops. I did have some initial concern going in to it knowing that I would be away from the office the whole week, but after the first module my concern quickly went away. Not only was the content that Kathy provided rich with applicable industry related examples, her vast experience in applying the six sigma, lean and quality tools enabled all of us to easily connect and engage. The workshop exercises were real-world and again, could easily be applied to a current opportunity. I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and can say that the time investment has already paid off. Anyone getting the opportunity to attend one of Kathy's workshops will leave ready and excited to hit the ground running."

 — Breana Greenlee, Commodity Manager, Railway Industry

 "I met Kathy at a workshop we both attended last fall. We were partnered on some activities and became interested in each other's companies. A couple months later, I called on Kathy to help me given her extensive manufacturing experience and her ability to consume and quickly distill vast amounts of data. She not only walked me through some opportunities that were not clear to me, but provided an excellent Naturalicious Dashboard that I use on a daily basis to grow and meet the operational and customer needs of my business. She also provided a great roadmap with options to fulfilling future capacity requirements. If you are new to business operations and understanding which metrics matter, I highly recommend Kathy and LeanOn Consulting."

— Gwen Jimmere, CEO & Founder, Naturalicious

"As we were looking for an expert in lean, Kathy's firm LeanOn Consulting came highly recommended as a consulting firm with a great deal of practical experience.  As my team began working with Kathy to develop a Supplier Kanban, I could immediately see why she's been so successful.  She was very good at listening and then validating the teams' concerns with data.  Her credibility given her extensive background in lean, problem-solving and implementing change easily enabled the team to actively seek out Kathy's insight.  As a result, my team is confident and ready to expand on many lean efforts Kathy demonstrated and coached them on.  My team and I look forward to our next opportunity to work with Kathy!"

Shawn Young, Plant Manager, Juno Lighting Group

"I sought Kathy's expertise in the area of Sales Productivity.  I asked Kathy to establish a Sales Pay Structure that would be motivating, transparent and easily maintained once put in place.  As she presented the final deliverable with my Sales Executive, I told them both that it was the best execution and outcome I had ever been part of in my many years in the business.  Kathy's excellent rapport with my executive team and her ability to mine data from our different systems led to many other cost reductions and productivity improvements."

Brett Baron, President, Metals Company

"We initially hired LeanOn Consulting for their Leadership Development offering as we had many new members on our leadership team and a new overall leader.  We found Kathy's style to be very engaging.  She used real-world examples that we all could easily connect with and that fit well within our context.  We decided to engage her further to help us clarify our purpose and align our systems, structures and talent to achieve our vision.  Kathy worked one-on-one with our leaders to establish team goals directly linked to our overall mission.  She also worked with our team to ensure a weekly cadence of accountability was established and effectively in place.  Our new team is completely engaged and passionately working together to achieve department and overall leadership goals.  As a result, a sense of ownership and teamwork is in place and everyone clearly understands, as Kathy would put it "the job to be done."  It was a pleasure working with Kathy and I look forward to possible future engagements!"

— Lynda Devore, Executive Director, Non-Profit Organization

"I have worked with Kathy for many years and have always admired her determination, work ethic, and ability to rally her team to focus on major business objectives. Kathy's career growth from Quality Assurance Manager to current title of Executive Director, Global Business Process Optimization, reflects her ability to execute on activities that move the organization forward."

— Steve Timian, VP, Electrical Products Group

"A born leader! Kathy is a "big-picture" person who manages to keep everybody focused on the end goal. She has a knack for making people comfortable discussing the "elephant in the room." She is bold but humble and her sense of humor simply makes meeting enjoyable. Love working with her and value her leadership."

— Mark Borgetti, Senior Pastor

"Kathy is a "hands on" business process development/improvement leader. Her strong understanding and adoption of Covey leadership practices positions her to drive any program management, team development, and coaching challenge. She openly practices the highly effective habits and 4DX execution philosophy critical to today's business environment."

— Deb Huttenburg, Vice President, North America Sales and Customer Success

"Kathy is a very professional manager with exceptional leadership qualities. She was instrumental in leading a team of managers on a very difficult transfer project that benefitted the company and helped grow one of our international divisions. While serving under and being a part of her team I was able to become a better manager myself because of her managerial and leadership qualities and experience. Besides being a leader and manager Kathy was also a friend and understood how to treat people in both a professional and personnel manner. She is very dedicated to her family, friends and work and knows how to balance these while being a manager at the same time. This is unique talent and her demeanor helps to get the most out the people working with her. A very professional and dedicated individual."

— William "Walt" Vander Veen, Technology Transfer Manager / Manufacturing Technology Manager

"Kathy is known for developing high performing work teams that execute. In having this reputation, Kathy is often called upon to lead critical projects and create clear visions for her team to follow. Her strengths include execution leadership, teambuilding, collaboration and accountability."

— Cheryl Lewis, VP of Human Resources

"Kathy quickly earns trust through her natural leadership style of being sincere, open, and honest. She's a steadfast optimist, always striving for the best possible outcome - even in the most challenging circumstances.  Kathy is one of the senior leaders who really "gets it" when it comes to developing talent. Her passion for learning and commitment to professional development are key to Kathy's continued success and that of her team."

— Tina Thompson, Global Training and Development Manager

"I have worked with Kathy on a nonprofit board and have been extremely impressed with her professionalism, insights, and ability to manage complex situations. Based on my interactions with Kathy in this setting, I can imagine she is a very good coach/mentor for those she works with and that she would be insightful and thoughtful with respect to her work and coworkers. Her contributions to our board have been of both a strategic and operational nature and I suspect this is the same in her professional life. It is a pleasure working with Kathy."

— John Endrud, Board President

"Kathy is a well-respected leader, coach, and mentor here at Panduit. My own interaction with her has been in supporting her division and she has always been supportive of me and my reliability mission. I also see in Kathy many effective leadership qualities that she has been generous enough to be a mentor to me on. I and a lot of people at Panduit stand amazed at how hard Kathy works to lead Panduit and her team to ever higher levels of success."

— Dan Burrows, Corporate Reliability Director

“It was my pleasure to work for Kathy twice. Once at Panduit and now at Jarden. I have always found Kathy to be a driven, results oriented leader who appreciates colleagues who can accomplish goals and overcome difficult situations. Amongst my several past leaders, Kathy stands alone in her genuine concern for development of people. Kathy does a great job at creating a clear vision, setting measurable expectations, and creating structure to allow others to achieve those expectations.”

— James Wells, Global Quality & Continuous Improvement Director

“Kathy is known for her knowledge and leadership particularly in the areas of Project Management and Business Process Improvement. Kathy was instrumental in developing a project management framework that enabled cross functional New Product Development with visibility and accountability. Additionally, the framework was expanded for paperless input and communication of various processes, such as engineering deviations, corrective action requests and quality holds.  Kathy’s focus on processes began with the establishment of a centralized Quality System database and a new Supplier Scorecard Management System.   Further system refinements led to improvements for Business Case submittals. Kathy’s commitment to excellence, dedication and high energy are well respected in the organization.”

—    Nancy Pellegrini, Director, Global Supply Chain

“Kathy was instrumental in helping us to implement the 4 Disciplines of Execution, Program Management, and Project Management within the Global Sales & Marketing Organization. Kathy became one of our extended leadership team members because of her value, insights, and guidance in training and executing these critical processes. Because of Kathy's expertise and coaching, we were able to take very significant steps in making these processes part of our DNA and an everyday part of how we run our business. Without Kathy's involvement this would not have been as successful as it has been.”

—    Ron Partridge, Group VP, Global Sales & Marketing

“Kathy has significant experience in quality, process improvement, and leading programs and projects. She provided significant leadership in a crucial cost reduction project during the economic downturn that yielded excellent results.”

—    Jack Tison, VP Technology

“Having worked with Kathy for more than ten years, I have found her to be a very well organized and detail conscious professional in multiple business areas including project management, quality and business unit operations. Examples of leadership competency and Six Sigma proficiency included leading her division to achieve UL ISO9001 certification and improving corporate salesforce productivity and catalog cycle time.”

—    Glenn Henning, VP Global Quality

“Kathy brought discipline and leadership to a challenging division resulting in improved business performance. She is easy to work with and communicates goals and actions clearly.”

—    Donald Wiencek, Company President

“I had the pleasure of working with Kathy over the course of my career at Panduit, both as my direct manager and as a peer. In both roles, I found her to be an incredibly positive and strategic leader who consistently achieves results. Kathy is not afraid to make the "tough" decisions and has a great ability to get others to support these decisions wholeheartedly. She was a great advisor and mentor to me during my time at Panduit. I strongly recommend her.”

—    Christine Graham, Account Director​

"I sought LeanOn’s assistance after Kathy came highly recommended by a work colleague.  When I first met Kathy to provide some background, she listened very carefully and then proceeded to inform me of how much further along we were and that our approach from a goals and accountability standpoint was very much aligned with the operational results we are targeting.   Kathy’s approach was refreshing, direct and from years of experience and success she has had in this area.    I highly recommend LeanOn for a quick, candid assessment of any area of your organization requiring a new, external perspective."

--Wendy Yaksich, Chief Operating Officer, john greene Realtor

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"Kathy Wishnew is a very capable business leader and manager.  Kathy has demonstrated the ability to meet return on investment goals.  She has the ability to evaluate processes, understand quality, reliability and service goals and successfully motivate the workforce.  I believe Kathy can benefit anyone in need of process improvement with positive short and long term improvement."

-- John Caveney, Past Chairman / CEO Panduit (Kathy's internal client for 17 years)