> Fast, Effective Bottom-Line Improvement

Proven Expertise in:

​​​Business Process Optimization
Individual Consulting & Leadership Development Quality & Training Programs​

Create Enterprise-wide Quality Ownership using cross-functional problem-solving approach to internal and external failures

Avoid Two Separate Quality Streams by
integrating the "Audit Preparation" activities or "Quality Department" efforts in to the day-to-day business and manufacturing processes

Policeman Quality mindset to Business Partner Quality

Create / Establish Closed Loop Quality Processes

Create CTQs through the Lens of the Customer by establishing effective VOC and other Customer Feedback methods

Quality and Training Programs

Establish Organization, Department & Individual Trust

Clarify Organization, Department & Individual Purpose

Align Systems, Structures and Processes to enable the Vision

Execute on the Widely Important and Create Team Accountability

Develop People, Unleash Talent, then Move out of Their Way!

One-on-One Engagement to develop critical leadership skills to magnify your effectivenss in your current position or prepare for your next promotion

LeanOn Services

Individual Consulting & Leadership Development

Improve New Product Development Time-to-Market  AND reach forecasted targets

Production Planning to enable Right Products, Right Amount, Right Place, Right Time 

Increase Sales Force Productivity by reducing administrative tasks keeping sales personnel from engaging with potential / existing clients

Create an agile Manufacturing Operation to enable quick and effective responsiveness to unique customer needs

Eliminate Non-Value-Added Efforts remaining in place because "that's the way we've always done it."

Business Process Optimization